Gears 5 E3 trailer

Andres munar tanks 1080p

Here are some screen caps of the E3 trailer that contain some of the work I've done on the game. I created the High Res models for the tanks shown above, as well as a couple of arms for your robot companion.

Andres munar tanks4
Andres munar warden 1080p

Created the prototype as well as textures and materials for this new enemy weapon

Andres munar axe4
Andres munar rifle 1080p

Created the prototype for this new machine gun

Andres munar rifle4

Gears 5 - E3 2018 - Announce Trailer

It's been such a privilege to work on this project. Huge team effort and incredibly talented people working on this. Can't wait to fully show off the work once it's out!